Why Do We Want to Work at Home?

By | December 22, 2016

Do we really want to work at home? I think most of us do. The question is just why? I am going to discuss some of the positive aspects of working at home.

The best combination is when you work at home for yourself. It has many good sites:

(1) You are your own bossworkinghome

It means nobody, but really nobody is going to tell you what to do a when to do it. Does it sound great? Yes, it is great and it is as well possible. With an online business, it is very easy to make it true.

(2) You can work where you want

If you want to work at home at your kitchen table or outside on the playground with your children it is possible. You are visiting your grandparents or on vacation at the sea. No problem! You stay as long as you want because you can work there, too. But only if you want. 🙂 You want to spend some months in New York and then few months on the beach in Barcelona. It would be possible as well. If you have your online business, you just need your notebook and an internet connection.

(3) No colleagues

The most of us have complicated interpersonal situations at work. We are working with people and they are working with us. It produces a lot of problems. Some of them want to be better than we, our chef likes some of them better than us and lot of them have a better salary than we do – for minimal or no results. As you see a huge of facts – we do not really like and feel frustrated. If you work home, you do not have these problems. On the other side, the negative part of the home business, you are working actually alone. There are sure many colleagues at your work you like and who are your friends. A man is a social creature and needs to interact with real humans, sometimes …

(4) You work when you want

Do you like to work 8 hours a day? Or 10, or 6? Do you want to work every day? Only at nights? It is really only on you. Your results correlate of course with your production, but it does not mean that you have to work 16 hours a day. You can sleep if you want, you can be with your kids, with your dad or friend when you want. You organize your day, nobody else. And nobody is going to say you it is wrong because you are your own boss. Does it sound interesting for you? You can start today to build your online business.

(5) No capital needed

Nowadays you do not need to have money to start an online business. There are many free programs which help you to start. The best I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. In no time you have your website and can build your business. Without any money and without any knowledge. It sounds easy, I know, but it is really so.workingsnow

Of course, there are many other positive things with working online at home. Feel free to write them below and we can discuss them. Which would be the most interesting for you? I would be really happy to know it.




4 thoughts on “Why Do We Want to Work at Home?

  1. wong

    No traffic jam on the road if you drive a car.
    No punch clock system.
    No mad rush during the peak hours if you are using public transport.
    No boss to pull your nose like a cow .
    No office politic.

    No physical friend to chat with.
    Not sure when the paycheck will be arrive
    The paycheck amount is uncertain.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Wong, thank you for your pros and cons. I hope you prefer to work online as well …

  2. Jeff

    Hi Andrew,

    Working from home and having an online business in my opinion is way better than working a 9 to 5. You have so much freedom and you are actually a happier person not dealing with daily work stress, not saying working from home you won’t have stressful days because that’s not true. But it is a different kind of stress that you can manage. Why spend years working to make someone else rich when you can spend that time making yourself rich.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Jeff,
      That’s really true. The normal stress and earning money for us.
      And this is the future of the business.
      Best wishes


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