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By | December 27, 2016

Jaaxy – Building an Online Income through writing

JaaxyThere is a multitude of ways to earn money online. Many of them involve some writing. Google has changed the rules of the game. Gone are the days of just building sites with poor content using keyword domain names. It was around 2001 – 2004. Today, you have to write good relevant content that is interspersed with good keywords through the article.

Natural Traffic Using Keyword Research

If you are not a strong writer or you need to hone up your writing skills, there are many books available on this subject. Bloggers and content writers also need to choose their niche and writing style. No matter what your writing style or what your topic or niche is about, one thing you must do to increase your chances to build an effective blog or an online business is to implement some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to build traffic using keyword research.


The Importance of Keyword Research

KeywordsThe Keyword research is done prior to building or writing any information about a specific topic or niche and using the identified keywords in your writing. This research is the basic tool used in SEO. Utilizing keyword research is a very important part of writing and building valuable content for an article, a blog, or a product review that you may wish to sell because the keywords will increase the natural traffic to your site or your customer´s site.

There is a free tool called Google KeyWord Research Tool, but it does have its drawbacks. This tool is free, but you must log into Google, create an Adwords account and then you can use their tool. Just remember, it is a Google tool and it may not reflect accurate statistics because it is their goal to sell you advertising. Therefore it may not be a good tool to identify “low hanging fruit”, keywords that are being searched but with lower traffic than say, higher profiting keywords.

There are also programs that you can purchase to help with keyword research in addition to the free Google KeyWord Research Tool. Jaaxy is one of the most effective tools available today. This is the keyword search tool that I use.


Jaaxy – What is it?

Jaaxy was created by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, an educational forum that helps people learn how to go about creating and building effective websites. Click here for more information on Wealthy Affiliate.

JaaxyJaaxy is a very simple tool that provides valuable information such as which keywords have the lowest competition, hence “low hanging fruit”, which should rank well, and which should build natural traffic to your website to avoid paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars on ads and other traffic building efforts. It is a membership cloud-based program, so there is nothing to download, install, or update. It is a very good tool to use for long-term SEO techniques, and it is reasonably priced. Jaaxy also offer a free use period which allows you to test it out and get your first 30 searches for free!

How does Jaaxy work?

If you want to write an article or post about kids sneakers, just type “kids sneakers” into Jaaxy´s keyword search box and in an instant, you get a lot of keywords that can be used to write an article and capture natural traffic using specific keywords that have low competition. These words will build your passive income for years to come! This is how to make money online and why many people are turning to the web to earn passive income and build wealth.


Jaaxy – The Number One

Jaaxy is a very powerful platform. You can build an online business that can provide a very good income over time. You write your article once, but that article has an ability to pull natural traffic every month over time. This is how writers and affiliate marketers earn passive income and build wealth.



Jaaxy has three Price Plans that can fit your budget

  • Jaaxy Starter – Free Trial
  • Jaaxy Pro – $19 monthly / $199 annually
  • Jaaxy Enterprise – $49 monthly / $499 annually

Jaaxy has some very useful features. Some include the ability to save your search history and you can save your preferred keywords to list that you create. These features come very handily when comparing keywords and using them while you are writing.

Jaaxy is a tool I love 🙂 and use daily.  And you can try it for free!

If you have any comments or would like to ask any questions, please feel free to write them below and I will be happy to answer you.




4 thoughts on “Jaaxy – Keyword Research Tool That Works

  1. Vini Cortez

    Hey, Andrew. Great article.
    I read your Wealthy Affiliate review and under “training & tools”, you mentioned a “keyword & competition research tool.”
    Is this keyword research tool similar to Jaaxy? Or is it Jaaxy?
    Thank you for sharing!
    Good luck!

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Vini!
      Thanks for stopping by. This tool is similar to Jaaxy and is free. I use this tool as well and I did not have any problems with it. Just try it out, it is free to join the Wealthy Affiliate University.
      Best wishes to you 🙂

  2. Melissa

    Hi Andrew, it’s great that internet success is real! So, all we really need to pursue an Internet career is a website and Jaxxy? Please tell me more so I understand this all !

    Thank you



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