How to Earn Extra Money at Home Online

By | December 25, 2016

A lot of people ask the same thing:

How to earn extra money at home online?

There are many ways and it is really easy. I´m going to present you some possibilities of earning money online.

If you are completely new to the internet marketing I would suggest that you start out with affiliate marketing. When you know how to get traffic on your website and turn that traffic into buyers then you might want to move and create your own product.

Make money online

How to make money online – The process explained

Now I give you a taste of some ways of many to make money with your website. If you want to dig deeper down in each of these there are many helpful pieces of training within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Building a list – Email marketing

A great way to make money with a website is to build a list by capturing your visitor’s email addresses. It allows you to keep in contact with your visitors. By giving them value and solutions to their problems you become the person to go to in that special field. The easiest way to capture an email from your visitors is by giving them something in return for their email address. It could be a small e-book for free for example. There are many programs to collect emails that can help you to manage emails, follow up and broadcast them.

Adsense Ads and Other Ad Programs

Adsense Ads are a way to make money online. You sign up an account with Google Adsense and after approval, you can log in. You get an ad code that you add to your own site. Ads will show in you post, page or sidebar. When visitors click on these ads you will get paid for it. The payout depends on competition and demand and it varies highly from $0.1 up to $20 per click. You are allowed to add 3 ad blocks to every page or post and you can customize it so that it blends in with your theme and content.

Google AdSence

Google Adsense, one of the best Adsense Ads

Amazon products

There is a huge amount of products on The great thing when you add products from is that you get a commission as well from any other products your visitor buys when you send through purchase. Starting out you will get 4% commission but logically the more products you sell the higher commission you will get. The products don´t need to be expensive but if you target more expensive products you can make good money. For example, a $1200 TV will give you a $48 with 4% commission. If your visitors purchase anything at all, not even related to your product you still get paid. 🙂

Creating your own product

If you are ready to create your own product there is a great article on this topic within the Wealthy Affiliate community. You can create your own future with a product you love.



Now you know a little bit about how to earn extra money at home online.

If you have any questions just feel free to contact me.




12 thoughts on “How to Earn Extra Money at Home Online

  1. Sunny

    Hi Andrew,
    I like the way you explained different ways to making money online. I am thinking about starting an e-mail marketing. But agree that the affiliate marketing is really a very good option for those who don’t want to feel like they are selling something.

    Thanks for the nice promotion of the Wealthy Affiliate University, the best online platform in the world!
    I wish you much success in your online business 🙂


    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Sunny, thanks for this positive comment, I really appreciate it. The e-mail marketing is a great way to earn money online as well. And that is true, The Wealthy Affiliate University is the best place online! 🙂
      Have a great day,
      Best wishes to you too

  2. Deraj

    Wow, thanks for this article. You not only provide here the idea to earn extra money at home, but also you have provided lots of great tips for Internet Marketing. Really appreciate your this post. Thank you.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Deraj, thanks for your comment. As you see, it is really easy to earn money online. There are many possibilities to do it. Have a great day,

  3. Kay

    Hi Andrew! Thanks for sharing this information. I’m not too familiar with Google Adsense and need to know more about it. How much does it cost or is it free to the website owner?

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Kay! Thanks for your question. You will need to set-up a Google account if you don’t already have one. It is for free. You will also have to give Google Adsense your website URL to do this.
      I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, just feel free to contact me.
      Best wishes

  4. Tasleem

    Hey Andrew,

    Nice article! I guess that’s the ultimate dream… to be your won boss, working from home, flexible hours and much more… this was very informative!


    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Tasleem,
      that is the future of the business. To work home online, no boss, flexibility and freedom 🙂
      Thank you for the comment and best wishes with your business.

  5. Carmen

    I agree that Affiliate Marketing is the way to go if you want to earn an income online from home. Reports indicate that there will be a growth in the Affiliate Marketing business over the next 4 years. I look forward to being part of that growth. With so many streams of income available within the online world it can get overwhelming. The training within Wealthy Affiliate is great and continues to be enhanced.

    1. Andrew Post author

      Hi Carmen!
      We are on the right way to be in this fantastic business and Wealthy Affiliate is helping us the whole time. Thanks for the comment and only best wishes

  6. Sadie Chan

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the information on various ways of earning extra money at home online.
    I agree that one can start off doing Affiliate Marketing, as it is the easier and fastest way to earning some money from your customers.
    You may tell me more about Wealthy Affiliate and what do I learn there.
    Thank you,
    Regards Sadie.


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